How to make your reservation for the Rapture

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Saving Dividend - Chapter 1
Plot: Mary Bate finds herself at the bottom of a mineshaft with a broken leg
Notes: From the draft of my book called Saving Dividend

Listen to "Ep 08 | "How to make your reservation for the Rapture"" on Spreaker.

Description: Given the conditions surrounding the Coronavirus / COVID-19 I felt like it made sense to review the signs of the end times and the conditions surrounding the rapture, because it would be unfortunate to be left behind.

As much as I enjoyed the Left Behind series, it failed to explain all of the conditions necessary for Christians to avoid the time of testing that will be presented by the tribulation period. And so if you don't know how to make your reservation and what to pack, this podcast is for you. Because believe it or not, the Bible addresses those things. And the wise virgins will have their lamps trimmed, and their oil ready on a moments notice and the foolish virgins will be shut out.

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