Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Incursion series 2.0 (rebooted)

This mind-blowing series not only answers basic Bible questions the average pastor cannot, but also has major implications on what you know about both creation and our future (revelation). This series is a listener favorite: those who listen to one, often listen to all.

Welcome Message: Why you will love this series (in 3 minutes)!
Incursion 0A: Creation was 1,000 year days (and that changes everything)!
Incursion 0B: How God rested for 1,000 years (with proofs)
Incursion 1: Turns out Atlantis was not only real, but behind the rebellion
Incursion 2: Atlantis will get a resurrection (the Last days will be like the days of Noah)
Incursion 3: The angels rebelled the day God rested (for 1,000 years)
Incursion 4: The final anti-christ is a historical figure who gets resurrected
Incursion 5: Even after the tree, God left Satan in charge (for 1,000 years)
Incursion 6: The Angelic war first strike (Make love, not war & My body, my choice!)
Incursion 7: This is what happened before Genesis.
Incursion 8: God's Divine Council met on Mount Olympus
Incursion 9: Be sure to sit down for this one, it's a doozy
Incursion 10: A Summary of Incursion episodes 0-9
Incursion 11: God Dealt with the Angels First (on Day 8)
Incursion 12: The Wicked Get Judgement Fast and in Spades!

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