Thursday, August 31, 2023


I have put the Incursion Series on Pause while I get my house in order. In the meantime, God willing, I will keep you company by posting draft podcasts that I will replace with finals when time permits. This website is a good place to go for, easy to find, well organized podcasts. I update it once a month. If you want weekly podcasts, you can subscribe or view my channels on most of the major players: 
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The Abundance Cycle 

This Podcast might be the most important one you've ever heard! It's about using our knowledge of future/cycles to secure godly wealth and abundance.

Listen to "*The Abundance Cycle (Year 5784)" on Spreaker.

Companion Episodes:

Money and Wealth Transfer
How Currencies, Derivitives and Bonds will crash (slow and then fast)
We've got incoming! A slow motion crash
AND What I learned by observing the Jewish Sukkot

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